Psychiatric Evaluations and Medication Management

Dr. Samantha Shawn-Marsh, DNP, PMHNP-BC is a Family Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, with prescriptive authority, providing medication management to children and adults. She is a private pay provider and does not work directly with insurance companies.  We do provide a receipt of services that may be submitted to insurance for possible reimbursement. Genetic testing, medications, and laboratory orders etc. will all be processed through insurance as normal.

Initial Psychiatric Appointments are 60 minutes and billed at a rate of $250.

Medication management follow ups are 30 minutes and billed at a rate of $80.

Dr. Shawn-Marsh provides psychopharmacological services to individuals 6 years of age and older, specializing in ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Major Depression, Generalized Anxiety, OCD, and PTSD. She prides herself in working closely with families, therapists, and primary care physicians. She conducts thorough evaluations before implementing a treatment plan to ensure the most safe and appropriate regimen is customized to each individual. Education is one of her most passionate areas of medicine and she incorporates education in each appointment to ensure confidence in your treatment plan.

An in-depth psychiatric assessment is conducted providing special attention to history of present illness, previous mental health treatment, lifestyle (social, dietary, sleep hygiene, and exercise) as well as family and medical history. Questionnaires and assessment screenings are utilized for information gathering and to assist with appropriate diagnosis.

Pharmacogenomics (genetic testing) alongside MTHFR gene testing is available upon request and helps to identify which psychotropic medications may be the most effective and well tolerated.

Read more about Genetic Testing below.

About GeneSight

Pharmacogenomics uses information about a person’s genetic makeup, or genome, to choose the drugs and drug doses that are likely to work best for each particular person. By studying a human’s enzymes we can predict how fast or how slow a person may metabolize a medication and also the likelihood of a person having side effects. More importantly, we can determine which medications are genetically optimal for each person, increasing response times to medication trials. With a simple swab of the inside of your mouth, clinicians can use your genetic map to guide medication treatment decisions.

MTHFR gene mutation testing is also available in conjunction with genetic testing. MTHFR is located on chromosome 1 and is involved with the conversion of folic acid and dietary folate to their active form, l-methylfolate. If a person has an intermediate activity or reduced activity of their MTHFR gene they may be more prone to symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Ask us about how GeneSight testing may be helpful for you and visit their website!

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